Managing Uncertainty


Managing uncertainty

To comply with the latest Government measures to combat Covid-19, a key team of Charcroft’s staff will work from the office, following strict social distance guidelines, while others will work from home.

As we share the current uncertainty, Charcroft is staying in daily contact with suppliers and customers to actively monitor the response to the developing situation. The intense level of communication will be the basis for efficient planning which will enable us to deliver the highest possible service to our customers.

The changes that we have seen include a reduction in production capacity and the temporary closure of manufacturing facilities in China and Europe. The result of this has been a slippage in some lead-times. As the lockdown continues across a number of countries it is expected that more impact will be felt in the short and medium term.

Despite the uncertainty, we are still seeing a growth in bookings and delivering product. As a fully UK-based business, our whole inventory is stored locally, and our staff are ready to help you to maintain a stable supply. We will also help you to mitigate the effects of the current uncertainty.

We understand that, in this difficult and challenging time, we must give you the same consistent and steady presence that we have provided for the last 45 years.

If you have any questions, or need help in managing these uncertain times, we will be here for you.