New Year, Same Charcroft


New Year, Same Charcroft

Firstly, Happy New Year! Do you start the year by making any resolutions? Get fit, lose weight, learn to cook, etc? So many of us start the year with the best of intentions, only to have them fall to the wayside after a few weeks.

Our staff may well make new years’ resolutions (some more realistic than others!), but as a company Charcroft never do. We don’t see the new year as an opportunity to improve, and we don’t like to use a single point in the year to focus on what we can do better. Instead, our approach is to consistently review how we work, and continually improve. Whether that’s updating our systems, additional training, or more resources – we aim to maintain and improve our levels of service through the whole year, not just for January.

With the market having been so turbulent, and more uncertain times ahead with Brexit, our ability to be adaptable, fluid and flexible serves us well. Our status as a small, privately owned independent company enables us to be proactive and adapt our business and approach to best suit the climate of the time. Charcroft can ensure that we are always offering the best service to both our customers and suppliers by our constant reflection on how we operate, active engagement with key stakeholders, and a common goal from our staff to maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

Taking pride in our work and striving for excellence is definitely not limited to the new year for Charcroft!

However, despite Charcroft as a business not making resolutions, our staff have just embarked on a huge challenge. In response to the recent Australia bushfire disasters, we all felt that we wanted to do something to help - particularly because there are several retained firefighters on our staff. In order to raise money for WWF Australia and NSW Rural Fire Service, Charcroft staff are going to attempt to cover the distance from Llanwrtyd Wells (where we are based) in mid-Wales to Australia – a total of 9,545 miles. We will walk, run, cycle, swim, kayak, dance – any form of exercise we can think of, aiming to cover the miles by April 1st.

If you’d like to sponsor us in our endeavour, please follow this link.