Space: Endless Possibilities

Space Endless Possibilities 2019

Space: Endless Possibilities

September 24th to 26th will see the UK Space Conference being held in the ICC in Newport.

The UK Space Industry continues to attract significant investment and development, which can be seen through the establishment of Space hubs in Cornwall, Glasgow, North Wales and Sutherland. These Space hubs aim to be completed by 2021, and will enable the UK to launch small satellites and space planes into orbit using both horizontal and vertical launch sites.

This strong growth in the Space sector is evident both within the UK and wider. There are now 430 launches of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites estimated to take place in 2019. This is compared to under 300 that were launched in 2017 and a drop to 240 launches in 2018. The basis for the growth lies in the difference between the performance and cost of a LEO satellite, compared to the those of a major satellite operating beyond LEO. For every major satellite, there are perhaps 50 smaller satellites working to a shorter lifecycle and with a lower threshold of reliability.

Space continues to be an extremely dynamic market with plenty of opportunities for development and innovation. As an established UK-based supplier to the Space sector, offering a wide range of EEE components; Passive, Active, Protection, Sensors and Electro-mechanical solutions from Franchised manufacturers with many years of Space-heritage, Charcroft Electronics are best placed to support this rapidly expanding industry.

Our Product Specialists are able to provide assistance in component selection at every stage of development, from BB to FM, selecting from the range of available quality levels; from Automotive-grades considered for High-Altitude Pseudo Satellites & LEO Nano/Cube satellites, to components on the EPPL, up to full ESCC-QPL or the relevant MIL-PRF qualification for the extended mission length of MEO/GEO satellites, rovers & deep-space missions. We also provide advice on the available screening options.

Charcroft will be joined at the UK Space Conference by AEM, Inc. - a high reliability component solutions provider, and Kemet - a leading global supplier of electronic components, on stand C3, where we will be presenting our full range of Space approved products.