Defensively Focused

Defensively Focused

Defensively Focused

Charcroft Electronics supply components into many different market areas and for a wide variety of end applications. This includes Rail, Specialist Automotive, Audio, Space, and Instrumentation to name but a few. However, the most significant proportion of the components supplied by Charcroft go into military and defence applications. The military and defence market is extremely demanding and different to any other. Characterised by the need for high reliability, military qualified products, sourcing for the military and defence sector can often be a challenge.

Charcroft’s COTS, BS/CECC, DSCC, MIL-PRF product range can meet the demands of any potential sourcing challenges for this sector and is also supported by specialist skills such as qualified tin-whisker mitigation. Specially equipped to fully support all Military & NATO specified electronic components, with an extensive database of NATO numbers enabling us to identify complete parts lists, we supply to many leading defence contractors. We also focus on our knowledge base along with our technical offering, with active tracking of military and defence projects. Charcroft continues to be a strategically essential partner for military customers.

As such, the addition of our newest franchises, Euroquartz and Nexeya, are excellent fits for our business, serving to extend the repertoire of products that can be supplied into military and defence applications. Nexeya designs, manufactures, and supports specialized high criticality products and provides high value added services. These include test and integration solutions, space systems, mission management systems, and power conversion.

Euroquartz manufacturer and supply quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products to the electronics manufacturing industry world-wide. They have recently announced the release of a new range of surface mount miniature oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) offering the best frequency stability from a quartz IT cut crystal, for high stability applications.

Both Euroquartz and Nexeya will be exhibiting at DPRTE 2019 on March 28th in Farnborough Exhibition Centre, and both will be joined on their stands by Charcroft’s product specialists. To learn more about Nexeya and Euroquartz, visit them at the DPRTE show:

You can visit Euroquartz, joined by Charcroft on stand 64.

You can find Nexeya, joined by Charcroft on stand 29.