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Best of British

Backed by its industrial heritage, Britain’s homegrown successes continue to serve the industry to a high standard. Specialist UK-based distributors and manufacturers such as Charcroft Electronics, for example, provide a bespoke, tailored service with all staff, stock and manufacturing based in the UK. This centralisation enables British companies to be flexible by offering order-scheduling, UK-held buffer stocks and call-off as required, all of which can help to service customers facing challenging lead time and availability issues.

Moreover, with Brexit (potentially!) looming, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘how will it affect us?’ British based manufacturers utilising UK-based procurement could be in a better position come the end of March, as local-partner companies can take steps to mitigate the risk of a hard Brexit.

Despite the pressures of an impending exit from the EU, elements of British industry continue to flourish, particularly the British audio market. This sector is unique in that products are not necessarily required to meet high-specifications or certifications, but instead, must satisfy the high expectations of the end user, where the emphasis is on sound quality. Charcroft customer, Rega, is one such producer, operating at the forefront of the high-end audio movement.

This UK specialist works with around 650 suppliers, 80 per cent of which are also located in the UK. Rega has dedicated significant research to developing its high-end range of audio products, such as the Aura MC, a fully adjustable, three-stage symmetrical preamplifier. Cohesion between British based businesses, such as Rega and Charcroft, encourages this home-grown innovation and development. For instance, Charcroft worked with Rega to ensure the capacitors provided to the Aura MC system were performing to the highest possible standard in order to support Rega’s emphasis on quality.

Charcroft’s in-house capability also continues to support Rega through the manufacture of accurate, high-stability components. Offerings such as the ‘naked’ resistor and other specialist components, screening services and matching, add clarity and balance to Rega’s high-value audio systems.

Ongoing relationships between British based manufacturers and distributors can only serve to enhance home market sectors, while also serving customers through continued flexibility, locally based technical support, and rapid response times. Opportunities provided by British based businesses within local communities are also something to celebrate.

The importance of technical expertise within the industry cannot be underestimated, and the more homegrown talent that can be nurtured and developed, the better. Businesses such as Charcroft and Rega offer in-house opportunities for development, with on the job training, support on external qualifications, and technical and industry understanding. This development and retention of staff and skills will only serve to support the UK-based electronics industry into the future.