Sensing a Solution

Sensing a Solution

Charcroft thrives on a good challenge, and as a specialist in obsolescence management we were excited to have one come across our desks just last month. In February, Honeywell announced that they are discontinuing their Infrared Sensors product line, effective from May. Many customers will be required to qualify new parts, and as such will be seeking alternative parts.

A key factor in Charcroft’s repertoire is the ability to source alternatives to obsolete parts. In this instance, we have already identified that TT electronics’ OPTEK will have many direct, drop-in replacements we can offer from their Optoelectronics line, which covers many position and presence detectors, plus discrete sensor components.

With over 40 years of specialist experience in sourcing obsolete components, we are able to mitigate the potential impact of parts becoming obsolete through a number of measures. We have an extensive library of legacy databooks to identify obsolete product specifications, along with passives datasheets and catalogues and legacy NATO, BS/CECC approval numbers. We have the in-house capability to cross-reference internal OEM part numbers through over 40 years of historical order records.

As an active member of IIOM - International Institute of Obsolescence Management (formerly COG; Components Obsolescence Group), we can recommend alternatives to components which are already obsolete and undertake Parts List Audits to reduce the risk of future obsolescence in new designs.

Charcroft can also source alternatives from a part number, product description, NATO stock number or release specification. Typically, most obsolete components can be replaced by a number of direct equivalents manufactured under different part numbers or mil-spec/BS/CECC numbers.

With this wealth of in-house specialist knowledge and experience, no wonder so many customers come to Charcroft to solve their obsolescence challenges!