Audio: Music To Our Ears

Audio: Music To Our Ears

The Bristol Audio show is almost upon us, an annual event drawing in thousands of Audio enthusiasts, it marries two universes – the Audio manufacturer and consumer. The Audio consumer is increasingly sophisticated in their demands, and as both a manufacturer and a distributor of a wide variety of Audio components, we need to be aware of these. Charcroft’s Tina Ford will be at the Bristol Audio Show to ensure that we are kept fully abreast of the latest developments and demands.

The Audio market is unique in that products are not necessarily required to meet high-specifications or certifications, but instead, must satisfy the high expectations of the end user where the emphasis is firmly on the quality of sound. Charcroft’s in-house capability delivers this through the manufacture of accurate, high-stability components demanded by high-end Audio applications. Offerings such as the unique ‘naked’ resistor and other specialist components, screening services and matching, add clarity and balance to high-value Audio systems.

To ensure we continue to provide our customers with unique audio-components, Charcroft can now offer a Precision Mica capacitor, engineered specifically to provide the purest sound in Audio applications. Constructed from the finest Indian Ruby Mica plates, silver sintered with solid-silver leads, they are assembled and individually trimmed by hand in our fully UK based manufacturing facility.

In addition to the Silver Mica capacitor, Charcroft manufactures its own Audio resistors, the CAR (Charcroft Audio Resistor) & SCAR (Charcroft Audio resistors (Surface Mount)), composed of VPG’s Bulk Metal® Z-foil technology. Manufactured in our Vishay-Approved Precision Centre, these product ranges offer improved sound quality and provide a combination of low noise and low inductance/capacitance, which make it unrivalled for applications requiring low noise and distortion-free properties.

CAR resistors are also now offered with 100% Component Linearity Testing (CLT) to detect potential defects beyond the limits of standard visual and electrical inspection. These small defects can distort the harmonic performance of the component and only Charcroft is able to offer this testing as standard – providing the reassurance of achieving the cleanest sound possible.

Here at Charcroft we are passionate about Audio – we are the source of components that enable our customers to achieve the clarity and quality of sound that they strive for. To learn more about what we can offer, get in touch and Challenge Charcroft!

Tina will be at the Bristol Audio Show on February 23rd-25th