Challenging Environments

Challenging Environments

Here at Charcroft, we operate from a challenging local environment – nestled in the heart of the Cambrian mountains in mid-Wales, although beautiful, can often involve scenarios such as extreme weather and all the incumbent problems to accompany it. It does have many positives however, such as the proximity to the mach loop and military training areas. We often hear the jets flying over our offices or see the latest helicopters and armoured vehicles out on operation, so we are fortunate enough to get to see many of our products in action in their end capacity!

Our surrounding rugged environment is reflected in our rugged product uses, with our product portfolio focusing on harsh and high-end applications; defence and aerospace being integral market sectors for Charcroft. Although the procurement for these can often be complex, the combination of specialist systems and expertise, with over 40 years as a preferred supplier to major aerospace OEMs, enables us to ensure faster and more secure sourcing.

In addition to this expertise in these fields, our dedicated aerospace quality programme has evolved and Charcroft have recently achieved the aerospace certification AS9120. This is a fantastic achievement for all our staff, who endured rigorous auditing and months of hard work to enable us to be awarded with this certification. It is testament to our dedication to continuous improvement.

Along with our AS9120 certification, there are other exciting developments in the aerospace and defence sectors, such as the latest Exxelia MIL-qualified wet tantalum capacitors that we are able to offer. The DSCC 93026 wet tantalum capacitor offers high capacitance and high ripple current. Exxelia has also received the M-Level (1.0%/1000h) MIL-PRF-39006/22 and MIL-PRF-39006/25, qualifications approval for its new ranges of wet tantalum capacitors. These state-of-the-art MIL-qualified wet tantalum capacitors are widely used in avionics applications where high performance and extreme reliability are required.

As we continue to thrive in our challenging local environment, we also continue to thrive within challenging times within the market. If you are in need of assistance with sourcing issues, or want further information on our AS certification or latest Mil-qualified products, contact the Charcroft Sales team who will be eager to help.