High-reliability Relationships

High-reliability Relationships

As a Specialist distributor, our franchises are central to what we do. It is imperative for us to select the right fit for Charcroft and for our customers and markets. However, it is also imperative that the franchise select the best fit for them. AEM Inc. have selected Charcroft Electronics to be the sole UK distributor of their Space-grade fuses and Hi-rel ferrite chip beads. This is a huge achievement for us – not only for what the addition of the AEM product range adds to our existing portfolio of Space-grade and high-reliability products, but as testament to our reputation within the electronics industry.

AEM have granted us exclusivity in the UK market, thus putting their trust in us to grow their business within the UK. This demonstrates not only the high esteem in which we are held, but the faith that our suppliers have in our ability to provide the best possible platform for them within a highly competitive market. A natural fit into our existing repertoire –complementing our portfolio within the competitive Space and high-reliability market, AEM offer a differentiated product range that fits in with our differentiated service levels.

We have approached the addition of AEM in a manner which reflects our level of regard for all our suppliers. Immediately initiating a Press Release to celebrate our new addition, we have also rolled out in-house training to equip our staff with the best possible knowledge and understanding of the product. In order to best support our new relationship with AEM, we are actively working on demand creation and a thorough analysis of the market and applications.

They can boast being the sole QPL listed manufacturer of solid body, current limiting fuses. These fuses have been chosen by most major space programs and have been in orbit for the past 30-plus years with zero reported failures. Quite an achievement! AEM’s Space-grade fuses and Hi-rel ferrite chip beads are also no longer regulated by ITAR, having been reclassified as EAR99, making them easier to use. The high-rel fuses have been ESA EPPL Listed since March 2017 – the only fuse on this list.

These niche products are exactly what Charcroft do best – taking a specialised, differentiated product – something a little bit quirky and different, and working with them to develop and grow within a competitive market. Charcroft’s natural tenacity to succeed also stretches to envelop our franchises. We look forward to this latest challenge, and are excited to see where it leads us!