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Leadtime trends

Leadtimes are generally stable with a three-week increase in the leadtimes for general-purpose surface-mount resistors. Extended leadtimes are still being shown for ceramic capacitors in 0201 and 0402 cases as well as axial electrolytic capacitors. Alternatives can be recommended for the values of these capacitors which are on longer leadtimes.



Filters, Magnetics, Opto, Hardware & Power Supplies


Metal price trends

A small but general rise in pricing has been seen across most base and precious metals which follows a drop in prices which occurred around March to May 2020. The previous drop in silver prices has been followed by a sharp rise which is beginning to fall.

All graphs are guidelines only.

Base metals

Capacitors: Aluminium
Resistors: Trimmers, Networks

Capacitors: Film, Mica
Resistors: Carbon, Metal film, Wirewound

Capacitors: Mica
Resistors: All Non-RoHS

Capacitors: Surface-mount

Capacitors: Tantalum

Capacitors: Mica

Precious metals

Capacitors: Metal clad, Mica
Resistors: Networks

Capacitors: Ceramic
Resistors: Surface-mount

Industry Intelligence

Last Time Buys (LTB)

  • Vishay HEXF and HEXA power resistors are being discontinued with a LTB of 13th February 2021 for a last shipment date of 13th August 2021 | Request a Quote | View PCN
  • The LTB for a number of GUS TanCap products from TT Electronics is 20th December 2020 with a final shipping date of 30th June 2021 | Request a Quote
  • The LOB1 series of low-resistance metal element resistors from TT Electronics have a LTB of 20 Dec 2020 with a final shipment date of 31st March 2021 | Request a Quote | View PCN
  • The LTB of no more than 50K pieces of TT Electronics’ RC4 series of resistor/capacitor networks is 20th December 2020 with a final shipping date of 31st March 2021 | Request a Quote | View PCN

End of Life (EOL)

  • The TT Electronics M67-10510LFTR and HM67-10220LFTR common-mode chokes from BI Technologies are end-of-life due to the raw materials being discontinued | View PCN
  • The last shipment date for the discontinued Silverline AD, DP, CP and SL series of power supplies from PULS is 10th December 2020. Alternatives are available for some of the discontinued supplies. Check Availability
  • Due to the closure of the Lutterworth manufacturing facility, a range of Semelab semiconductors has been discontinued by TT Electronics | View Part Numbers

Parts Change Notices (PCNs)

  • Vishay Dale is changing the carrier tape for all 2011-case thin film wrap resistors to improve manufacturability. The pocket width is changing to 12mm with no change to pocket depth, pitch, vendor or material for the PTN, PLT, PCAN, PAT, PHP, PNM, PCNM, M55342/08 and P- series | View PCN

Changes to manufacturing country

  • The manufacture of TT Electronics’ WDBR series of thick-film-on-steel resistors, and the custom 83 series, will be transferred from China to a TT Electronics Joint Venture Partner in India from June 2021 | View PCN

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