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Leadtime trends

Leadtimes are remaining stable although the leadtime for wirewound axial capacitors has fallen from 24 to 7 weeks and radial and axial precision foil resistor leadtimes are coming in.

The larger case sizes for ceramic chip capacitors are showing a leadtime of 12 weeks, but some values are still on allocation. The chip capacitors in the 0402 and 0201 case sizes are on extended leadtimes. Alternatives can be recommended for the capacitors which have an extended leadtime or are on allocation.



Filters, Magnetics, Opto, Hardware & Power Supplies


Metal price trends

The cost of aluminium, lead and tantalum has fallen, with copper, tin and nickel rising slightly. The cost of silver has rebounded from its recent drop and returned to its previous level.

All graphs are guidelines only.

Base metals

Capacitors: Aluminium
Resistors: Trimmers, Networks

Capacitors: Film, Mica
Resistors: Carbon, Metal film, Wirewound

Capacitors: Mica
Resistors: All Non-RoHS

Capacitors: Surface-mount

Capacitors: Tantalum

Capacitors: Mica

Precious metals

Capacitors: Metal clad, Mica
Resistors: Networks

Capacitors: Ceramic
Resistors: Surface-mount

Industry Intelligence

Changes to manufacturing capacity

  • TT Electronics is consolidating manufacturing in Bedlington, UK, with the closure of manufacturing at the Lutterworth site by mid-2021. Manufacturing at the Barbados site will also close by mid-2021 and move to Mexicali, including for UL-listed devices.
  • Knowles has confirmed a return to 100% capacity and Kemet is fully operational. Sensata has resumed manufacturing in sites that have been closed.

Last Time Buys (LTB)

  • End-of-life for some resistors manufactured by TT Electronics in Barbados
    The LTB for these resistors is 30th September 2020 with a final ship date of 31st March 2021.
    • W215 vitreous enamelled wirewound resistors | View PCN
    • AS, LAS, T, PW, PPW, PWR, PWRL, LPW, 4LPW, PLO, PWE, PWHW series resistors | View PCN
    • LOB, OAR, SP20, SPP, SPF, SPH, NAS, NT series resistors | View PCN
  • Resistor network series from TT Electronics
    The LTB for TT Electronics’ BCN31, BCN31L and RC6 series of resistor networks is 30th September 2020. A critical raw material is now end-of-life and there is no suitable replacement material | Request Quote       View PCN
  • Replacements for obsolete Honeywell industrial potentiometers
    Alternatives are available to replace the Honeywell industrial potentiometers which are now obsolete. Check the part numbers affected, or request a recommended alternative | Request an alternative

End of Life (EOL)

  • Vishay Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCCs)
    Some leaded MLCCs from Vishay BC Components have been withdrawn due to the internal chips being discontinued. The part numbers include devices in the A/K473, A/K563, A103 K103 series | View part numbers
  • TT Electronics Optek sensor withdrawn and replaced
    The OVS5MRBCR4 sensor has been withdrawn. The recommended replacement is to use the upgraded OVS5MRBCR4A sensor | View PCN numbers
  • Temp sensors and current-sense resistors from Vishay Sfernice
    The TFS series of temperature sensors and the SA, SB and SC series of current-sense resistors are end of life. The TFS series can be replaced by the TFPT range | View PCN
  • Potentiometers from TT Electronics
    Following a lack of availability of raw materials, TT Electronics has made the 8150 series of potentiometers end-of-life. The parts include the 8151, 8153, 8154 and 8156 ranges | View part numbers
  • Ohmite withdraws resistors and heatsinks
    The TNP series of resistors and the R2 heatsinks have been made end-of-life by Ohmite. The R2A-CT4-38E and R2V-CT4-38E heatsinks will continue to be supported | Resistor Part Numbers       Heatsink Part Numbers

Parts Change Notices (PCNs)

  • VDE listing suspended on OPI1268S sensors
    TT Optek has suspended the VDE listing for the OPI1268S sensors. The removal of the VDE file number from the certifications list is with immediate effect | View PCN
  • Photodiode replaced by TT Optek
    The UEC911-1 photodiode from TT Optek has been made obsolete and is being replaced with the TC911-2 photodiode which has equivalent performance | View PCN
  • Process change for Knowles surface-mount EMI filters
    The process used by Knowles to place the termination onto the sides of the E01, E03, E07 and E17 surface-mount EMI filters has been changed from transfer print to screen print | View PCN
  • Listing of resistance values changed for Ohmite MCS resistors
    The TCR values for Ohmite MCS Metal Alloy surface-mount resistors series will be listed in two resistance ranges rather than one value, with 50ppm for devices above 10mΩ and 100ppm for values under 10mΩ | View Part Numbers
  • Extended TCR for Vishay Dale CPF metal film resistors
    The TCR has been extended to 300ppm on Vishay Dale’s CPF series of metal film resistors with ohmic values below 0.2Ω. The previous 200ppm TCR, with code ‘N’, is no longer available | View PCN
  • Change to ground plane thickness and marking for TT Optek sensors
    The ground plane thickness of TT Electronics Optek’s OPR2100, OPR2100T and OPR2100HST sensors has been reduced with a change from a black soldermask to white ink, with no Optek logo | View PCN
  • Improved ESD protection TT Electronics Optek sensors
    ESD protection has been improved during shipping and handling by changing the bulk packaging of TT Electronics Optek OPB608V sensors from a dissipative bag to an ESD shipper box with conductive pin insertion foam | View PCN

    For more information on LTBs, EOLs and PCNs email: request@charcroft.com

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Charcroft Llanwrtyd to Australia challenge

The staff at Charcroft have completed a 9,545 miles challenge to raise money for the Australia fire relief fund. The miles were covered on an exercise bike in the office, as well as by walking, running and swimming.

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