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Leadtime trends

The leadtime for axial wirewound resistors has reduced from 24 to 7 weeks and the leadtime for silver mica capacitors has dropped from 12 to 9 weeks. Other leadtimes across all product ranges are stable although the leadtimes for polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), and 0201-case ceramic chip and axial aluminium electrolytic capacitors remains extended. Alternative devices can be recommended to cut these leadtimes.



Filters, Magnetics, Opto, Hardware & Power Supplies


Metal price trends

The cost of copper, silver and palladium has risen. For palladium, supply levels have fallen and demand has risen as the automotive market turns to petrol-driven cars which use palladium in the catalytic converter,compared to diesel vehicles which use platinum.

All graphs are guidelines only.

Base metals

Capacitors: Aluminium
Resistors: Trimmers, Networks

Capacitors: Film, Mica
Resistors: Carbon, Metal film, Wirewound

Capacitors: Mica
Resistors: All Non-RoHS

Capacitors: Surface-mount

Capacitors: Tantalum

Capacitors: Mica

Precious metals

Capacitors: Metal clad, Mica
Resistors: Networks

Capacitors: Ceramic
Resistors: Surface-mount

Last Time Buys/End Of Life/ Parts Change Notices


  • Exxelia has acquired Micropen Technologies Corporation which adds high-rel resistors to its current portfolio of capacitors & magnetic products | Read more
  • TT Electronics’ acquisition of the Covina business unit from Excelitas Technologies Corp., enhances customer support for power electronics used in the aerospace and defence markets | Read more

Reinstated Devices

  • Ohmite has reinstated availability of four variants of CSM221 series heatsinks with the device suffix 12AE, 28AE, 40AE and 30AE | View PCN | Request Quote

Last Time Buy (LTB)

  • LTB for certain values of Vishay VJ1210Axx and VJ1808Axx hi-rel NP0 (C0G) MLCCs. LTB is 12 June 2020 with last shipment for 12 Sept 12 2020 | View PCN | Request Quote

End of Life (EOL)

  • Ohmite CA-TX1-050-E and CA-TX2-050-E heatsinks are End of Life with immediate effect due to low usage | View PCN | Request Quote

Parts Change Notices (PCNs)

  • The WS2 part number suffix on Knowles StackiCap™ capacitors of ≥1.2kV is changing to WS3 from 1st March 2020 to match the AEC-Q200 part number | View PCN
  • The terminations of Ohmite RC, RF, RM, RP and RW resistors in body sizes CA, DA, DB, and EA have been changed to thinner dimensions | View Part Nos

Raising funds for Australia after fires

Charcroft are going the extra mile to raise emergency funds following the fires in Australia. In fact, employees are covering a total of 9,545 miles, which is the distance from Llanwrtyd Wells to Australia, as they walk, run, cycle, swim, kayak, dance or use any other type exercise to cover the miles. The sponsorship money will be donated to WWF Australia and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Follow our progress, and help us to meet our target, at: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CharcroftElectronics

Sponsoring the local Rugby team

Adding Charcroft’s name to the shirt of the local Llanwrtyd Wells Bears Rugby team is just part of the sponsorship for the team which is local to our head-office. Lucas Evans from Quality, Stuart Reed and Daniel Holmes from Stores regularly play for the team, so the message is: Go Bears!

Field-based team meets to define customer resources

The field-based team of Business Development Managers and Product Specialists met with Debbie Rowland, Roger Tall and Kathryn Stevenson to define the resources which will enable customers to meet their technical and procurement challenges.

New qualifications for employees

NVQs have been completed by two members of Charcroft’s team: Chelsea Davies is part of the manufacturing team and has completed a Performing Manufacturing Operations (PMO) NVQ. John Mead, Software Development Manager, has completed a Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management. Three other team members are also working towards professional qualifications.

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