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Leadtime trends

Leadtimes have reduced significantly for power supplies and radial dipped ceramic capacitors and remained stable for other passives. Axial aluminium capacitors, PPS film capacitors and 0201-case ceramic capacitors remain on extended leadtimes.



Filters, Magnetics, Opto, Hardware & Power Supplies


Metal price trends

Prices remain relatively stable, although a steady increase is shown in the price of silver, palladium and tantalum concentrate

All graphs are guidelines only.

Base metals

Capacitors: Aluminium
Resistors: Trimmers, Networks

Capacitors: Film, Mica
Resistors: Carbon, Metal film, Wirewound

Capacitors: Mica
Resistors: All Non-RoHS

Capacitors: Surface-mount

Capacitors: Tantalum

Capacitors: Mica

Precious metals

Capacitors: Metal clad, Mica
Resistors: Networks

Capacitors: Ceramic
Resistors: Surface-mount

Last Time Buys/End Of Life/ Parts Change Notices

End of Life (EOL)

  • EOL of April 20th 2020 announced by TT Electronics for BCN resistors with concave terminations | View PCN | Request Quote

Parts Change Notices (PCNs)

  • Lead-free enamel on Vishay Sfernice fixed resistors is imminent for RT and RSO series and in 2020/2022 for other series. View PCN
  • Markings changed on TT Electronics’ ULR metal element current sense resistors to reduce lead-time with no affect on performance | View Part Nos
  • Dot peen marking process replacing ink stamping on Vishay Sfernice’s ECO50 tab series of variable resistors | View PCN
  • Cardboard packaging replaces plastic for standard Vishay Sfernice’s RO200 potentiometers with adjusted MOQ/MSQ. Lower order quantity available on request. View PCN | Request Quote
  • The chips in TT Electronics’ phototransistor series have been replaced with equivalent replacements without affecting fit, form, function or reliability | 4NxX | OMS1181 | HCC1216TX
  • Certification to EN 60950 has been discontinued on Crydom GNR solid state relays as TUV no longer support this standard | View PCN

Three franchises added to linecard

Sensata Technologies has extended Charcroft’s franchise to include the Kavlico, BEI Sensors and Crydom brands which cover sensors, solid state relays and encoders | View Sensata

Extended engineering team to support special projects

Special technical solutions have been added by Charcroft’s UK-based engineering team in addition to fast prototype builds, low-volume production and life extension through obsolescence management, custom passive assemblies, flying leads, printing and labelling | View info

Two apprentices join the Quality team

Addison Southwood-Evans and Owain Williams will undergo extended training in each of Charcroft’s departments before joining the Quality team full-time. The apprentices will also take a level 2 BTEC Electronics course.

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