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Leadtime trends

Most leadtimes continue to be stable, with PPS film, aluminium electrolytic and some ceramic capacitors remaining on extended leadtimes. The leadtime for silver mica capacitors has gone out whilst the wirewound resistor leadtime has reduced after peaking in April.



Filters, Magnetics, Opto, Hardware & Power Supplies


Metal price trends

After recent peaks in the price of lead and copper, prices are falling to pre-peak levels. Dips in the price of tin, nickel and silver are also returning to previous levels. The percentage change in the price of tantalum concentrate is showing a steady rise. All graphs are guidelines only.

Base metals

Capacitors: Aluminium
Resistors: Trimmers, Networks

Capacitors: Film, Mica
Resistors: Carbon, Metal film, Wirewound

Capacitors: Mica
Resistors: All Non-RoHS

Capacitors: Surface-mount

Capacitors: Tantalum

Capacitors: Mica

Precious metals

Capacitors: Metal clad, Mica
Resistors: Networks

Capacitors: Ceramic
Resistors: Surface-mount

Last Time Buys/End Of Life/Product Change Notifications

Last Time Buys (LTBs)

  • TT Electronics announces an LTB of August 31, 2019, for delivery by December 27, 2019, for around 100 low-running devices. The devices include potentiometers, EPS sensors and trimmer assemblies | View devices | Email for pricing
  • TT Electronics has issued a Last Time Buy of August 17, 2019 for 64YFR, 82PA and 82WFR single and multi-turn trimmers. The final shipment date is December 27, 2019 | View PCN | Email for pricing

End of Life (EOL)

Product Change Notifications (PCNs)

  • Vishay Sfernice will change the tube packaging colour for LTO100 & LTO150 resistors from dark blue to transparent | View PCN
  • An additional raw material supplier will reduce leadtimes for VPG CSM2512 and CSM3637 foil resistors. First shipment scheduled for September 2019 | View PCN

For more information on LTBs, EOLs and PCNs email: request@charcroft.com

Jeff Gurr to retire at end of July

Jeff Gurr has been Charcroft’s Product Spoecialist for Electromechanical products since he joined in 2007. Jeff has been instrumental in supporting customers on Sensata’s product ranges from the Klixon and Airpax brands. After retiring at the end of July, Jeff plans to play more golf and spend time at home with his family. Email Jeff

New lines added to Sensata franchise

Sensata Technologies has extended Charcroft’s franchise to enable specialist distribution for Kavlico position and pressure sensors, BEI Sensors position sensors, optical and magnetic encoders and Crydom solid-state relays and contactors | View Sensata brands

Expansion in Charcroft workforce

Charcroft has expanded its workforce with a new Engineering Assistant and Sales Assistant as well as two Production Assistants who will support the UK-based manufacturing of passives and custom assemblies | View Manufacturing

Meet Charcroft on the road

Charcroft Product Specialists will be at industry events with some of our leading franchise partners.
To arrange a meeting email request@charcroft.com

Sensors & Instrumentation
with TT Electronics and Sensata,
Sept 25-26, 2019

UK Space Conference
with KEMET and AEM in Newport,
Sept 24-26, 2019

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