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Leadtime trends

The leadtimes for capacitors are stabilising and capacitor manufacturers are now quoting leadtimes out to 2020. Some values of film, aluminium electrolytic and ceramic capacitors are showing allocation or manual quotations. Charcroft is working with individual customers to suggest alternatives with shorter leadtimes or discussing a change of technology, such as replacing 10 ceramic capacitors with a single polymer capacitor.



Filters, Magnetics, Opto, Hardware & Power Supplies

Metal price trends

Annual price trends for base and precious metals and the products which are most affected by changes in the price of each metal.

Base metals

Precious metals

Charcroft at Electronica

A full week of meetings with suppliers and customers provided a very successful Electronica for Charcroft. Pictured below from left to right: Ian Ford, Debbie Rowland, Paul Newman, Roger Tall. Pictured below to the right, Kathryn Stevenson, Debbie Rowland and Roger Tall outside Electronica

New franchises added to linecard

Franchises with Euroquartz and Nexaya have added new products to the Charcroft linecard. Jeff Gurr shows selection guides for both franchises which are downloadable from the Charcroft website.

Euroquartz: Quartz crystals, oscillators and filters

Nexaya: Validation & test, command & control, power-conversion and space systems

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