Engineering 20.03

Normal operation is continuing at Charcroft, with Product Specialists and Sales staff working from home and shipments being made from our fully UK-based inventory.

We are in daily contact with suppliers and customers to monitor the industry response to the changing situation. The information gained from this will support the efficient planning which is essential to ensure the highest possible service.

This Engineering Intelligence also introduces new passives which are designed to operate in harsh environments. There is also a new voltage-controlled crystal oscillator and DC-DC converter for delivering robust reliability, and a series of customisable electrical pyrotechnic igniters.

Contact me if you have any questions, or use the links against the products below to request a sample.

Roger Tall
Sales Manager

Latest passives deliver reliability for tough operating conditions

Safety-certified surface-mount MLCCs for mains applications

KEMET's CAS series of safety-certified surface-mount MLCCs for mains-powered applications combine higher capacitance with smaller overall size and simplified assembly compared to leaded disc alternatives | Read more Request a Sample

Unencapsulated stacked film chip with flat terminations

The jumbo stacked, naked metallized polyester film capacitor with flat terminations, from KEMET, provides high reliability and long life in severe working conditions. Voltage is up to 250V DC, with capacitance up to 82µF and AEC-Q200 qualification is pending | Read more Request a Sample

High-pulse surface-mount carbon-film MELF resistors

The WCM series of MELF resistors from TT Electronics delivers maximum film area in a compact footprint. With a far higher capacity for surge energy, compared to metal film resistors, the resistors are in 0207 and 0204 cases, with ohmic values from 7R5 to 10M | Read more Request a Sample

Drop-in power inductor replacements are automotive qualified

The latest METCOM MPXV power inductors from Kemet provide drop-in replacements in common footprints from 5x5mm to 22x22mm. High saturation characteristics maintain function in rush current mode with temperature-stable inductance | Read more Request a cross reference Request a Sample

Alternatives for obsolete precision resistors

The Last Time Buy (LTB) for TT Electronics' GPCF series of precision, surface-mount resistors is August 31st 2020 with a final shipping date of February 28th 2021. The PCF series can be qualified as a replacement device | EOL notice Request a Sample

New crystal oscillator, power supply and the latest customisable igniters

VCXO with low-g sensitivity handles vibrations

With ultra-low phase noise, the N623-1 voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), from Euroquartz, offers low g-sensitivity from -85dBc/Hz at 10Hz frequency offset, and up to -175dBc/Hz at 1MHz, for applications which experience vibrations | Read more

Robust reliability from low-cost DC/DC converters

With a price-performance ratio which supports stationary and industrial applications, MTM Power's PMDS200-FT DC-DC converters combine 48V or 80V input voltages and standard 12V and 24V output voltages, with low ripple, low noise values and transient protection | Read more

Electrical pyrotechnic igniter devices

TT Electronics' IGN series of electro-pyrotechnic ignition systems provides fast, reproducible ignition with 0603-chip thermal igniters or percussive 'slapper' igniters. With high-reliability TaN film, the igniters are fully customisable and offer standard and custom sizes | Read more

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