Engineering 20.01

New passives deliver improved performance

Broadband capacitors with low insertion loss up to 40GHz

Three RF capacitors have been added to Exxelia's broadband range. The XBL, UBL and UBZ capacitors offer ultra-low insertion loss and excellent return loss over bandwidth up to 40GHz | Read more

C48X dielectric combines NP0 and X7R advantages

Rated up to 5kV, Exxelia's C48X dielectric capacitors combine the equivalent capacitance values of X7R dielectric with very low dissipation factor for Space or other thermally-challenged applications | Read more

Stacked polymer tantalum capacitor saves board space

Integrating two CTP21 solid polymer tantalum capacitors, Exxelia's CTP42 saves board space by delivering high capacitance, with very low ESR in addition to high ripple current and high surge current rating | Read more

High energy density from screw-terminal aluminium electrolytic capacitor

In addition to high energy density, Exxelia's FELSIC HC screw-terminal capacitors deliver an ultra-long lifetime, low ESR and voltage from 10V to 500V for energy storage and power applications | Read more

High-voltage snap-in aluminium capacitors offer long lifetime

Exxelia's SNAPSIC HC snap-in aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer a lifetime of 8000 hours at 85°C, with high ripple current and capacitance values up to 47,000µf and voltages from 10 to 450V | Read more

Green thick-film chip arrays

The green thick film materials in TT Electronics' GBCN chip resistor arrays are free of Pb (lead) and its compounds. The AEC-Q200-qualified arrays integrate four isolated resistor elements in a 1206 footprint | Read more

Space-saving fuse with up to 40A current rating

Surface-mount fuse offers a tight footprint

In a compact 1206 case with a footprint of 3.2mm x 1.6mm, AEM Inc.'s F1206HC fuses are rated from 10 up to 40A at 35Vdc and offer low DC resistance which reduces heat dissipation for high-power applications | Read more

Surface-mount oscillators provide enhanced capabilities

Miniature temperature-compensated oscillator (TCXO)

Supporting 32.768kHz frequency for real-time clock applications, the Euroquartz EME32T oscillators feature a miniature 3.28 x 2.5 x 1.3mm package and very low current consumption with supply voltages from 1.8V to 5.0V | Read more

Crystal oscillators offer a wide operating temperature range

The EQHY oscillators from Euroquartz suit automotive applications by offering an operating temperature range from -40 to +125°C, and 15pF output at frequencies from 1.25 to 50.0MHz. Frequency stability is ±50 or ±100pp | Read more

Frequency stability from a surface-mount miniature OCXO

The OC51T miniature oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) from Euroquartz support frequencies from 10 to 40MHz with stability of ±20ppb over -40 to +85°C and a miniature surface-mount 9.7 x 7.5 x 4.1mm package | Read more

Oscillators switchable between four frequencies

Euroquartz QuikXO HC_JF clock oscillators are switchable to support 4 frequencies from 15MHz to 2100MHz. The oscillators feature phase jitter performance of 150fs rms and support LVCMOS, CMS, HCSL, LVPECL and LVDS | Read more

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