Specialist Automotive

Specialst Automotive

Delivering accuracy and stability for the Specialist Automotive market, Charcroft Electronics can offer solutions from our extensive linecard which covers AEC-Q200 Qualified products. Our varied product ranges include Automotive Fuses, Inductors, Steering Sensors, Resettable Crash Switches, Specialist Ceramic, Film, Tantalum & Electrolytic Capacitors and Resistors.

Through our KEMET range, we can offer specialist electrolytics which have a high-temperature capability and long life. Specific applications for these includes ancillary electrification for internal combustion engines (ICE) and inverters used on electric and hybrid vehicles. KEMET can also provide solutions for DC-link Capacitors - with custom Film ‘brick’ Capacitors designed to Customer-specific size/shape and the flexibility of busbar terminal configurations. These are typically considered for high-voltage >500V, high power systems for traction or energy-recovery applications.

For higher frequency/lower power applications such as vehicle ancillary systems 12/24/48V inverter, KEMET now also have their ceramic offering - the KC-link capacitor, which operates at higher frequencies enabling the overall design to be smaller.

Inductors from BI and Vishay would also be used across these systems - their moulded designs provide compact designs to be achieved for SMT designs, while high-current through-hole options are also available. Steering Sensors from BI are also now available using the latest non-contacting technology which provides improved lifetime of the parts.

Although Exxelia do not carry automotive specifications for their range of Magnetic products - due to their heritage in Aerospace, they are used in a number of in-vehicle applications by well-known Tier-1 manufacturers.

Under the Syfer brand, the AEC-Q200 series of MLCC capacitors has had a range extension increasing the available working voltage from 2kV up to a maximum of 4kV. Designed for EV applications where ever higher voltages are needed, but where a margin for derating has to be accommodated for.

Finally, the latest addition to our approved Franchises is AEM Components, who are focussed on automotive fuses and small inductors. AEM Components’ AEC-Q200 qualified and ISO/TS16949 certified fuses are setting a new standard for reliable performance in demanding automotive applications. Choose from AirMatrix wire-in-air fuses and SolidMatrix solid body fuses for optimum performance under the hood or in the cabin.

Our experienced sales team is able to assist you with all your requirements and is supported by a national network of Business Development Managers and Product Specialists fully qualified and experienced to collaborate with you from design stage through to procurement and beyond.

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