TT Electronics - Semelab

High performance semiconductor solutions. We specialise in high reliability custom packaging components for critical applications and offer a wide product portfolio including discrete semiconductors, power modules and RF transistors. Our devices are typically used in key applications such as actuation, control systems, power generation and distribution.


Semelab MCAs offer a new way to build circuits from discrete components. They offer dramatic improvements in size, weight, reliability and cost compared to the same circuit built from separately packaged parts.

Key Features:

  • Multiple discrete components in a single hermetic package
  • Any technology: active, passive or mixed
  • Customers´ circuits implemented. Range of standard circuits
  • Small signal and power versions

Space Saving:

  • High component density
  • Light - typically 90% less weight
  • Easy interconnection
  • Up to 16 devices in one package
  • Weight saving: 10% of TO18 or 66% of LCC1
  • Space saving on the PCB
  • Higher reliability: 0.22 failures per 106 operating hours

Product Documentation

Multi Chip Array Brochure | PDF

Specifically designed for high power audio amplifier output stages this new range of bipolar power transistors achieves unprecedented levels of power in a compact package. They allow a significantly reduced footprint of the amplifier output stage with outstanding levels of performance from both an audio and reliability perspective. They offer industry leading linearity and disoration performance with high gains and low losses.

MG633x/MG941x MG633x/MG941x
  • Designed specifically for linear audio amplifier applications
  • High-speed fir gufg bandwidth amplifiers
  • High voltage rating 230V & 260V
  • Plastic TO-3P and TO-264 and metal TO-3 Packages
  • Wide Safe Operating Area for high power output
  • Complementary NPN and PNP parts
  • Professional audio amplifiers
  • Home Cinema
  • Hi-fi
  • Instrument amplifiers
  • Active speakers and subwoofers
  • Car Audio
Advantages: MG6332/3 & MG9412/13 Advantages:
  • Wide Safe Operating area
  • Extended High frequency performance
  • Excellent thermal performance - smaller package for a given power
  • Industry standard TO-3P package achieves higher power than larger TO-264 from competitors
  • Unsurpassed linearity of hFE
  • Low Saturation voltage
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • No Secondary breakdown exhibited until beyond 100V
  • Unprecedented 30A output current rating 100V, 4A SOA capability
  • High power - 400W sing package capability


Product Line Up

Part Number Polarity Vceo(V) Ic (A) Pc(W) Ft(MHz) hFE(min)@10A Package
MG6330 NPN 230 15 200 60 50 TO-3P
MG9410 PNP 230 15 200 35 50 TO-3P
MG6330-R NPN 260 15 200 60 50 TO-3P
MG9410-R PNP 260 15 300 35 50 TO-3P
MG6331 NPN 230 18 300 60 50 TO-3P
MG9411 PNP 230 18 300 35 50 TO-3P
MG6331-R NPN 260 18 300 60 50 TO-3P
MG9411-R PNP 260 18 200 35 50 TO-3P
MG6334K NPN 230 15 200 60 50 TO-3
MG9414K PNP 230 15 200 35 50 TO-3
MG6335K NPN 260 15 200 60 50 TO-3
MG9415K PNP 260 15 400 35 50 TO-3
MG6332 NPN 230 30 400 60 50 TO-264
MG9412 PNP 230 30 400 35 50 TO-264
MG6333 NPN 260 30 400 60 50 TO-264
MG9413 PNP 260 30 400 35 50 TO-264
MG6332K NPN 230 30 400 60 50 TO-3
MG9412K PNP 230 30 400 35 50 TO-3
MG6333K NPN 260 30 400 60 50 TO-3
MG9413K PNP 260 30 400 35 50 TO-3
DLCC - Semelab

Together with Charcroft’s expertise, the Diode Leadless Chip Carrier is another great product from our Aerospace range that works as a direct drop-in replacement for the standard MELF package.

Semelab are always striving to bring you the latest technologies which provide you with unique and innovative packaging solutions. Together with Charcroft’s expertise, the Diode Leadless Chip Carrier is another great product from our Aerospace range that works as a direct drop-in replacement for the standard MELF package.

Semelab have taken the original MELF outline and added new thermal and assembly features. And because they build and screen parts here in the UK, they are exempt from any ITAR restrictions.

Also offer Deep Dielectric Discharge protection and the Mil-19500 or ESA standard of screening flows.

Product Documentation

Data Sheet DLCC2 | PDF  |   Data Sheet DLCC3 | PDF  


  • Fits on existing PCB layouts
  • Lighter for weight critical applications
  • Castellated design to ensure solder meniscus between board and component is visible
  • Thermal vias incorporated in design to enhance thermal performance
  • European manufactured (ITAR-free)
  • Rectangular design to aid in PCB assembly
  • Designed to be a more cost effective solution than our competition
  • Many standard types in stock and custom devices available on short lead time


  • Fully hermetic, ceramic diode leadless chip carrier
  • Replacement for MELF-style standard product with enhanced features
  • Optional deep dielectric discharge protection available
  • Optional international aerospace and space screening flows
  • Manufactured in accordance with MIL-19500 and ESA specifications
  • Built using established space packaging technology (LCC/MCA structure)
DLCC - Semelab

Combining the unique attributes of Silicon Carbide and the advanced packaging techniques of Semelab, the SiC range offers unprecedented performance and reliability in the most extreme environments. Semelab Silicon Carbide parts are designed for use in motor drives, UPS, induction heating and SMPS, in applications such as down-hole drilling, aerospace engines and nacelles, defence and space applications. Optional screening levels and qualifications are available on the full range of parts.

Request Sample

Part No. Description Voltage Current Package Max Temp. (Tj)
SML10SIC06YC | PDF Silicon Carbide Schottky diode 600v 10A TO257-AA 225°C
SML020DH12 | PDF Silicon Carbide Schottky rectifier 1200V 20A TO258-AA 200˚C
SML010FBDH06 | PDF Silicon Carbide power Schottky rectifier diode bridge 600V 10A TO258-D 200°C
SML100M12MSF | PDF Normally-off Silicon Carbide power JFET 1200V 24A TO258-AA 200°C
SML05SC06DLCC3 | PDF SMT Ultra-fast recovery power rectifier 600V 5A DLCC-3 175°C


SML25SCM650N2B SiC 650v N-Channel MOSFET

  • 650v SiC MOSFET in a hermetic SMD1 (TO-276AB) package
  • Deisgned for tigh temperature applications/li>
  • Screening options available
Data Sheet | PDF

SML100M12MSF - Semelab

SML100M12MSF - Normally Off Power SiC JFET


  • RDS(on)max of 0.100
  • High Temperature Operation Tj = 200°C
  • Low Gate Charge and Intrinsic Capacitance
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient and Temperature
  • Independent Switching Behaviour


  • SMPS
  • Motor Drive
  • UPS
  • Induction Heating
Data Sheet | PDF

SML010 - Semelab

SML010FBDH06 - 5-lead Power Schottky Full Bridge Rectifier


  • 600V, 10A Full Bridge Rectifier Configuration
  • High Temperature Operation Tj = 200°C
  • Effective Zero Reverse and Forward Recovery
  • High Speed Low Loss Switching
  • High Frequency Operation
  • High-Reliability Screening Options Available
Data Sheet | PDF

SML05 - Semelab

SML05SC06DLCC3 - SiC DLCC lightweight surface mount packaging


  • Lightweight packages
  • High Temperature Operation (230°C)
  • High performance design for smaller designs and increased power
  • Improved switching and high frequency die for improved efficiency
  • Grounded Lid for antistatic and deep dialectic protection
  • Fully screened parts available


  • Down-Hole High Temperature
  • Space Level Screened Parts
  • Aerospace Engines and Nacelles
Data Sheet | PDF

SML10SIC06YC - Semelab

SML10SIC06YC - SiC Schottky Diode


  • Semelab's Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes exhibit low forward voltage and supurb high temperature performance
  • Suitable for high-frequency hard switching applications, where system efficiency and reliability are paramount
  • No reverse recovery time due to absence of minority carrier injection
Data Sheet | PDF


SML020DH12 - Silicon Carbide Power Schottky Rectifier Diode


  • 1200, 20A (2x10A) Rectifier Diodes
  • High Temperature Operation Tj = 200°C
  • Effective Zero Reverse and Forward Recovery
  • High Frequency Operation
  • High Speed Low Loss Switching
Data Sheet | PDF