Kemet: Tantalum

Tantalum capacitors can offer high capacitance in the smallest possible size, low ESR and surge current robust, operating temperature ranges up to 175°C in both surface mount and through hole designs, with non-magnetic capability available on many surface mount products. Applications can include industrial, automotive, defence and space grade, high reliability Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS), and applications which require a very low ESR, increased temperature stability or benign failure mode.


The T502 Series is a high temperature product that offers optimum performance characteristics in applications with operating temperatures up to 230°C. This series is classified as moisture sensitivity level (MSL) 1 under J STD 020: unlimited floor life time at ≤ 30°C / 85% RH.

Due to the potential use of high melting point solders, KEMET has taken the initiative to package this series in moisture barrier bags with desiccant and a humidity indicator card.

The T502 Series is available today in capacitances of up to 10 microfarads and rated voltage up to 35 volts. Typical applications include decoupling and filtering for very high temperature environments such as measurement-while-drilling (MWD) in down-hole applications.

Providing an attractive combination of performance, capacitance stability at all temperatures and robustness in high temperature applications, these capacitors are well suited for high temperature bypass and decoupling applications or frequency discriminating circuits where stability of capacitance characteristics are critical.

Product Documentation

T502 Series MnO2 230°C | PDF

KEMET's Space Grade Series of capacitors are suitable for use by defence/aerospace customers in high reliability space applications. This series meets the requirements of MIL–PRF–55365 as well as MIL–STD–1580. These capacitors incorporate an intensive testing and screening protocol which is customizable depending upon customer's specific needs

Product Documentation

T493 Space Grade Kemet Tantalum | PDF
Space Grade SMT Catalogue | PDF

The KEMET standard hermetically sealed T110 & T212 (Mil-Prf M39003) Series are targeted for use in high humidity environments. These capacitors are ruggedly built, designed for miniaturized circuitry, and are especially well-suited for coupling, bypass, filtering and RC timing circuits. Both Series exhibits excellent stability.

Product Documentation

T110 & T212 Through-Hole Capacitors | PDF
Hermetically Sealed Through-hole Catalogue | PDF


  • 100% Thermal Shock (-65°C to +125°C) prior to electrical testing
  • 100% Surge Current testing
  • 100% Weibull Grading
  • 100% X-ray examined
  • Hermeticity testing per MIL–STD–202
  • Optional Special testing
  • Marking per MIL–STD–1285
  • Capacitance values of 0.0047μF to 330 μF
  • Tolerances of ±5%, ±10% and ±20%
  • Voltage rating of 6– 100 VDC
  • Case sizes: A,B,C,D


Typical applications include coupling, bypass, filtering, and RC timing circuits in miniaturized circuitry.

Product Documentation

T210 Through-Hole Capacitors | PDF
Defencse & Aerospace Catalogue | PDF

The KEMET T491 Series, designed specifically for today’s highly automated surface mount processes and equipment, is the leading choice for surface mount designs

Product Documentation

T491 Surface Mount Capacitors | PDF
Tantalum SMT Catalogue | PDF

The low ESR, surge-robust T495 Series is designed for demanding applications that require high surge current and high ripple current capability.

Product Documentation

T495 Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors – Low ESR | PDF
Tantalum Low ESR Catalogue | PDF

T499 Series is a high-temperature product that offers optimum performance characteristics in applications with operating temperatures up to 175°C.

Product Documentation

T499 Series Automotive Grade Surface Mount Capacitors | PDF
Tantalum High Temperature Catalogue | PDF

The T496 Series Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) with a built-in fuse design provides excellent protection from short circuitconditions in applications where damaging high fault currents exist. This series meets the MIL-PRF-55365 requirements and is suitable for use in high reliability applications, incorporating an intensive testing and screening protocol that is customisable depending on specific customer requirements. The T496 COTS Series is available in standard and low ESR.

Product Documentation

T496 Surface Mount Capacitors – High Reliability | PDF
High-Reliability COTS Catalogue | PDF