ICW have been designing and manufacturing polypropylene and film capacitors since 1974, primarily focusing on power electronics applications. ICW supply the Industrial, Military and Professional sectors.

Clarity Cap ICW

Why use ClarityCap?

  • ClarityCap capacitors have been developed in conjunction with industry manufacturers
  • There is a wide standard range offering a selection of capacitances and voltages
  • Custom-made components can be manufactured
  • Tape, resin and printing options are available
  • Worldwide product support
  • Already used by some of the world’s leading names in the loudspeaker industry

Product Documentation

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ICW Enhanced Capacitors ESA

Dramatic reductions in resonant sonic outputs are achieved by ClarityCap polypropylene capacitors. By combining the highest quality materials with close control of critical production processes, the ESA series offers enhanced audio performance at 250Vdc or 650Vdc, with guaranteed 3% tolerance to ensure balance and reproducibility across production runs.

Product Documentation

Data Sheet | PDF
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