Exxelia Temex

Exxelia Temex (ex Temex-Ceramics) is specialized in the design and manufacture of a broad range of radiofrequency and microwave passive electronic components and ceramic capacitors. The Exxelia Temex product range is designed for applications in most leading professional markets: Radio communication, Medical, Industrial, Military and Space industries, for which performance, reliability and cost are essential requirements.

Invar Tuning Temex

Exxelia Temex, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-reliability passive components and innovative electromechanical solutions, is pleased to announce the release of new world-unique invar tuning elements featuring a self-locking system. The product has been designed to respond to increasing demand for high frequency tuning elements for space applications. The new invar tuning element will be introduced at EuMW on the company’s booth, booth# 237.

Working frequencies in Space applications are shifting to Ka, Ku or even Q band, while cavity filters are undergoing the general trend towards miniaturization: this context calls for a much more precise and stable tuning element now offered by Exxelia Temex, daughter company of Exxelia, through their last innovative and unrivalled solution to incorporate a self-locking system into their Invar Tuning Elements.

Invar-36 is a unique Iron-Nickel alloy (64% Fe/36% Ni) sought-after for its very low coefficient of thermal expansion. With 1.1 ppm. K–1 between 0°C and 100°C, Invar-36 is about 17 times more stable than Brass which is the most traditional and common alloy Tuning Elements are made of. The working temperature range in Space is so wide that this property becomes essential for a reliable and stable cavity filter tuning. Self-locking system is a technology commonly used on Tuning Element made of Brass or other soft “easy-to-machine” alloys but is innovative and pretty advanced when applied to hard and tough Invar 36. The design consists of two threaded segments separated by two parallel slots. After cutting both parallel slots, the rotor is compressed in its length in order to create a plastic deformation. Thus, an offset is induced between the two threaded segments which generates a constant tensile stress in the rotor from the moment threaded segments are screwed.

Product Documentstion

INVAR Tuning Element Self-Locking Screw | PDF
High Frequency Invar Screws-Temex


  • High precision
  • High resolution tuning
  • Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Available with gold plating
  • Available with locking nut or "self-locking system"
  • Adjustments in applications from Ka, KU, Q band and beyond
  • High Reliability versions are available on special order
  • Custom design upon request
  • ROHS compliant


  • Comb-line and inter-digital filters
  • Coaxial structures
  • Waveguide circuitry
  • Space applications

Product Documentstion

High Frequency Narrow Bandwidth Invar Screws Data Sheet | PDF
Microwave Ferrites-Temex

Temex Ceramics offers a wide range of ferrite materials, yttrium garnets (“Y” series or “D” series), magnesium (“U” series), nickel (“N” series) and lithium (“A” series) ferrites, as a result of their own developments on inheritage of the formerly companies CSF, LTT, Thomson. The offer covers need at frequencies from 0.1 to more than 30GHz, high power, with temperature exigencies as well.

Temex Ceramics manufactures their own ferrite powders from simple oxides or carbonates raw materials, then produce pressed and fired ceramics, machine them at tight tolerances and surface finishing up to polishing. Temex ceramics also supply assemblies of ferrite surrounded with dielectric, silver thick film metallized pieces, complex shapes.

Product Documentstion

Microwave Ferrites & FDA Data Sheet | PDF
Microwave Tuning Elements-Temex


Economical means of introducing a variable reactance to microwave circuits such as waveguides, filters, cavities and other resonant structures.

  • High resolution tuning
  • Self-locking constant torque drive mechanism
  • Excellent tuning stability
  • Low dynamic noise
  • One handed adjusting/tuning, no need for locking nut
  • Available with Gold, Silver plating and chromate finish
  • Metallic, dielectric, resistive types available
  • Adjustments in applications from L to Ka band and beyond
  • High Reliability versions are available on special order
  • Custom design upon request
  • ROHS compliant


  • Comb-line and inter-digital filters
  • Coaxial structures
  • Waveguide circuitry
  • Gunn oscillators

Product Documentation

Microwave Tuning Elements Data Sheet | PDF

TC Air dielectric trimmer capacitors are designed specifically for RF applications. They have a concentric tubular design. The self-locking constant torque mechanism assures uniform torque, low ESR and low dynamic tuning noise resulting in high Q. As they are multi-turn, they offer a very fine resolution. Excellent temperature stability is a result of choice of optimum materials.

They meet MIL-C-14 409 D, and ESA/SCC n°3010, and are RoHS compliant. They are ideal for applications such as mobile radios, aerospace communications, crystal oscillators and filters, radar and numerous other space, military and industrial applications.

M series air dielectric, RoHS compliant, trimmer capacitors are a new generation specially designed for industrial and high volume applications such as splitters, filters, amplifiers for CATV, TNT markets.

Product Documentation

TC Air Dielectric Trimmer Capacitors for RF Applications Data Sheet | PDF

Superior ESR/ESL performance and high-resonant frequencies.

Ceramic chip capacitors: CHA and CHB.

Typical function applications are Bypass, Coupling, Tuning, Impedance Matching and DC Blocking.

Typical circuit applications are Linear RF Power Amplifiers (LPA), Mixers, Filter Networks, Timing Circuits, Delay Lines, Oscillators.

Product Documentation

HiQ Low ESR Porcelain Capacitors Data Sheet | PDF

HiQ Power Capacitors Selection Guide

Temex Power Capacitor Solutions Technical Paper | PDF

HiQ Series Case Size Capacitance Range (pF) Dielectric Material TCC (ppm per °C) Max. Working Voltage (WVDC)
CPX 2225 0.5 to 2700 P100 (100 +/-30) 3600V
CPE 4040 1 to 10000 P100 (100 +/-30) 7000V
CLX 2225 1 to 2700 NP0 (0 +/-30) 3600V
CLE 4040 1 to 10000 NP0 (0 +/-30) 7000V
CLF 7065 1000 to 10000 NP0 (0 +/-30) 1000V

HiQ Capacitors Selection Guide

HiQ Series Case Size Capacitance Range (pF) Dielectric Material TCC (ppm per °C) Max. Working Voltage (WVDC)
CHA 0505 0.1 to 100 P100 (100 +/-30) 250V
CHB 1111 0.1 to 1000 P100 (100 +/-30) 1'500V
NHB 1111 0.4 to 100 NPO (0 +/-30) 500V
SHD 0711 0.5 to 100 NPO (0 +/-30) 500V
SHR 0709 0.5 to 100 NPO (0 +/-30) 500V
SHL 0402 0.2 to 33 NP0 (0 +/-30) 50V
SHA 0505 0.3 to 100 NP0 (0 +/-30) 250V
SHS 0603 0.2 to 100 NP0 (0 +/-30) 250V
SHF 0805 0.3 to 220 NP0 (0 +/-30) 250V
SHN 1206 0.5 to 220 NP0 (0 +/-30) 500V
SHT 1210 1 to 1000 NP0 (0 +/-30) 500V
SHB 1111 0.4 to 1000 NP0 (0 +/-30) 500V

Miniaturised half-wave voltage multipliers from EXXELIA feature:

  • Ultra-small size for compact systems
  • High efficiency
  • Balanced diode voltages
  • Up to 7kV output voltage
  • No ITAR content!

Possible applications include:

  • X-ray systems
  • Night vision, image intensifier systems
  • Laser target designator

Product Documentstion

Voltage Multiplier Data Sheet | PDF