Exxelia Technologies

Exxelia Technologies (ex Eurofarad) is a designer and manufacturer of complex passive components and precision subsystems: ceramic, plastic film and mica capacitors, filters, position sensors, slip rings and precision mechanics for high technology applications: Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Space, Rail, and Oil Exploration.


These two new ranges are designed to:

  • Withstand operating temperatures up to 220°C,
  • Cover operating voltages from 16V to 100V at 20°C (5V to 25V at 220°C),
  • Cover capacitance values from 1 pF to 180nF in NPO and from 100pF to 4.7μF in X7R

To meet the need of miniaturization, Exxelia-Eurofarad proposes boxes range from 2220 size to 0402 size.

These capacitors are ideal for markets such as oil exploration, in which the components must be able to endure harder and longer temperatures, or for aeronautical or defence applications .

Product Documentation

CE2X Datasheet | CN2X Datasheet
  • Special capacitors
  • Microwave multilayer ceramic chip capacitors
  • Ceramic capacitors for H.F. switching power supplies
  • High voltage ceramic capacitors
  • Feed-thru ceramic capacitors
  • High temperature ceramic capacitors
  • Molded ceramic capacitors
  • Ceramic chips capacitors
  • Microwave single layer ceramic capacitors
  • Custom design
  • Ceramic Capacitors for Space use

Film Capacitors

  • Polyester Capacitors
  • Polystyrene Capacitors
  • High voltage Capacitors
  • Polycarbonate Capacitors
  • Metallized Polycarbonate / PPS Capacitors
  • Polypropylene capacitors
  • Custom design
  • Capacitors for high frequency switch mode power supplies


Metallized Polypropylene PP44R-PP44R5-PP44A2 Series

  • Semi-conductor Protection
  • Decoupling
  • Current Inverters
  • High Current Filtering
  • Medium Frequency Tuning

Exxelia PP44R PP44R5 PP44A2 Datasheet PDF

Metallized Polypropylene PP88 Series

  • Protection of Thyristors
  • Protection of GTO Thyristors
  • Medium Frequency Tuning

Exxelia PP88 Datasheet PDF

Metallized Polypropylene PPA-FR1 PPA-FR2 Series

  • Motor run
  • Fluorescence
  • Compensation

Exxelia PPA FR1 PPA FR2 Datasheet PDF

Metallized Polypropylene PM98, PM980 Series

  • Filtering
  • Energy storage
  • Flash

Exxelia PM98-PM980 Datasheet PDF
  • Mica SMD capacitors
  • Molded Mica capacitors
  • Dipped Mica capacitors
  • High temperature Mica capacitors
  • High voltage Mica capacitors
  • Custom design products
  • Custom design
  • Transient suppressor filters
  • Multiple point feed through filters
  • Surface mount filters
  • T type filters
  • L type filters
  • C type filters
  • Pi type filters
  • EMI/RFI Feed Through Capacitor
  • EMI/RFI Feed Through Filters
  • EMI & Tempest Filters signals
  • EMI-RFI and Tempest Filters
  • EMP current generator-injector
  • Custom design
  • HEMP Protection Signals
  • HEMP High Performance Protection Power
  • HEMP standard protections
  • Optoelectronic products