Exxelia Tantalum

Formerly Exxelia Firadec, Exxelia Tantalum has been manufacturing tantalum capacitors for over 40 years and offers solid tantalum capacitors (wire or SMD technology) and wet tantalum capacitors, which offer higher capacitance-voltage ranges and excellent high-temperature functionality. Exxelia Tantalum products can be found in applications in the aerospace, defence and space market sectors.


High temperatures designs are now possible in high reliability thanks to the new CT79 HT200 Tantalum capacitors from Exxelia Tantalum. Ideal for severe environments.

Application Range

Voltage Up to 150V
Capacitace 10V - 2200µF
  25V - 850µF
  150V - 82µF


  • Filtering
  • Energy storage
  • Energy conversion


  • Down-hole
  • Defence
  • Avionics

Product Documentation

CT79 HT200 Series Data Sheet   |  CT79 HT200 Series Product Brief   |  Request Sample
  • Higher energy density could be achieved with this softer cathode
  • Twice as much capacitance compared to MnO2 techno

Product Documentation

CTP21 Data Sheet   |  CTP21 Product Brief   |  Request Sample

The WT83, developed by Exxelia Tantalum (ex Firadec), has created a technological breakthrough in tantalum capacitors with the significant increase in volume capacitance it offers. Also offering a potential reduction in size of electronic designs for its customers’ products.

Designed specifically for Defence, Space and Aeronautics markets, the WT83’s function are filtration, energy storage and energy conversion. With a voltage potential ranging from 6.3 to 150V.

Energy density is the main parameter and the main need of the wet tantalum users. Now thanks to WT83, it allows electronic engineers to make the smallest designs they have ever made.

  • Shock up to 100g, vibration up to 50g
  • Up to x6 energy density of CLR81 (MIL-C-39006/25)
  • Standard C and D case sizes
  • Temperature range of -55 to +125°C
  • Reduces the size and weight of end-product

Product Documentation

WT83 Data Sheet | PDF