Exxelia Magnetics

Exxelia Magnetics was formed through the merging of Exxelia Microspire and Exxelia N’Ergy in 2016, bringing together all design and manufacture of high-end electromagnetic components: transformers and inductors, electro-magnets, rotors and stators. Exxelia Magnetics products can be found in harsh environment applications (shock, vibration, and high temperature)


The ESA qualified CCM technology adapts to almost every need, even the harshest environments, including VIGON® resistance.

Exxelia designed CCM technology to respond to the growing interest of electronic engineers for inductors and transformers with multiple outputs, high power density and reduced footprint.

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Exxelia, a leading global designer and manufacturer of highly engineered passive components and high-end electromechanical solutions, is pleased to introduce the new TCM series of common-mode inductors. Designed and qualified to be compatible with aerospace and other high-reliability applications, the TCM series is a cost-effective solution for harsh environments.

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Description :

Energy storage, smoothing, filtering

  • High Reliability Applications
  • Applied standards : ECSS-Q-70-02, MIL-STD-202, DO-160
  • Materials meet UL94-V0 rating
  • Frequency range up to 1 MHz
  • Operating temperature range : - 55°C to + 125°C

Toroidal SMD Power Inductors MPCI H01 – 233H01 – ESI01 – ESI7

  • Minimum inductance value: 0,38μH 1,5 A to 0,49μH 6A maximum Inductance value: 100μH 0,1A to 8,4μH 1,4A

Low profile SMD Power Inductors SESI 9 - 9.1- 14 – 15 – 18 - 22 – 32

  • Low profile SMD Power Inductors - High Reliability Applications
  • Shielded version upon request
  • ESCC 3201/009 versions
  • Minimum inductance value : 0,6μH 6 A to 7μH 18,9A maximum Inductance value: 700μH 0,2A to 1,76 mH 0,8A

Product Documentstion

Magnetics SMD Data Sheet | PDF

Description :

  • Applied standards:
    • ESCC-3201 generic ( including MIL-STD-202 ) / ECSS-Q-70-02
  • Materials meet UL94V-0 rating
  • Operating temperature range : - 55°C to + 125°C
  • Suited for IR and vapor reflow soldering

CT91 xxx 231 WR Low profile Current sense Transformer, up to 10Apk – 1/50-75-100-200 ratios
CT15 200 231 WR Low profile Current sense Transformer, up to 17Apk - 1/200/200 ratio

  • Global accuracy ±5 %
  • Frequency range 6 kHz to 500 kHz triangle wave

CT08 200 221 PR Toroidal Current Transformer -1/200 ratio

  • Measurement up to 5.4 ARMS ( 8 APEAK - 3.6 ADC MAX ) from 100 to 200 KHz with 2 % Accuracy

CT01 100 261WR Toroidal Current Transformer -1/50 - 100 ratios

  • Measurement up to 3,5 A from 10KHz to 250 KHz with 10 % Accuracy

Product Documentation

Magnetics Current Sense Transformer Data Sheet | PDF
Magnetics CT01 Current Sense Transformer Data Sheet | PDF

These common-mode chokes provide excellent attenuation of asymmetric EMI on signal lines as well as in DC-DC converters, switch-mode power supplies and other high frequency applications.

  • Frequency range up to 100 MHz

Rated current max 0,4A to 2,5 A

  • Operation temperature range : - 5°C to + 125°C

Data Line EMI Filters - DLEF 42 Series:

These filters virtually eliminate conducted EMI in data lines. They provide excellent common-mode noise attenuation from 15 MHz to 300 MHz whilst passing data signals below 300 MHz without attenuation.

  • Frequency range 15MHz to 300MHz

Rated current max 100mA

  • Operation temperature range : - 55°C to + 110°C

Product Documentation

Common Mode Chokes Data Sheet | PDF