Sensata devices are used in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air conditioning, data, telecommunications, recreational vehicle and marine applications. They help satisfy the world’s growing need for safety, energy efficiency and a clean environment.


The PTE7100 pressure & temperature sensors is the ideal solution for customers with challenging measuring requirements for general applications, requiring mid and high-pressure range solutions. Utilizing Sensata’s automotive leading Microfused Strain Gauge (MSG) with best-in-class accuracy, the PTE7100 features a wide range of ports, connectors and analog electrical outputs for ease of integration in various industrial applications. The PTE7100 Series will be followed by the PTE7300 Series, digital hermetic pressure sensor in early 2021.


  • Measuring range from 0-50 bar to 0-600 bar (0-725 to 0-8700 psi)
  • High accuracy
  • Wide range of ports, connectors, and electrical outputs
  • Stainless steel design with hermetic port
  • Storage and operating media temperature -40-125°C; Operating ambient temp. range -40-100°C
  • Snubber option for dampening of pressure spikes due to hammer and cavitation
  • REACH/RoHS/CE compliant


  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Mobile Hydraulics and Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
  • Plant Engineering and Automation

Product Documentation

PTE7300 Digital Data Sheet | PDF
PTE7100 Analog Data Sheet | PDF