The Sensata/Airpax brand includes hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and protectors, bimetal thermostats, power switches and modular distribution systems. Airpax also offer a full-line of circuit breakers, speed and position sensors, fuses and high voltage power switches. These products are found in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, industrial, recreational vehicles, HVACR, marine, military, medical, information processing, electronic power supply, power generation, over-the-road trucks, construction, agricultural and alternative energy applications.

IAG-Series IAL-Series

The Snap-In version of the IEG brings mounting simplification and international spacing together in a package that is aesthetically enhanced. The IEGS securely snaps into a rectangular cut-out, eliminating the need for panel mounting hardware and the associated costs. The face plate of the IEGS is a clean, black matte and it satisfies the increasing demand for front panel components that are designed with ergonomic considerations.

IAL/IUL/IEL/LEL magnetic circuit protectors provide low-cost power switching, reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international marketplace


  • IAG/IUG single pole product for voltage 24/72Vdc
  • IAL/IUL single pole product for 110Vdc
  • IAL/IUL multi pole product for 230Vac, 415Vac

Product Documentation

IAG Circuit Breaker Series| PDF
IAL CEL LEL Circuit Breaker Series | PDF

The most compact hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker rated at 240VAC per pole with a UL489 listing.

Higher voltage power architectures will be increasingly deployed in data center, telecom and other applications to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating expenses. The new Sensata Technologies LEJ/LEJA series offers critical protection in a compact, high performance solution at 240VAC per pole for higher efficiency power architectures.

Product Features & Benefits

  • 240VAC per pole in a compact and cost effective package for use in higher voltage architectures
  • Single and two pole construction up to 20 amps with 5KAIC rating provides design flexibility
  • Global Agency certifications including UL 489, CSA, TUV certified lo EN60947-2, CCC (pending)
  • Based on the proven performance and reliability of the industry leading LEG design
  • Panel cut out and mounting dimensions match those of the LEG design
  • Available with quick connects or screw terminals and toggle or rocker actuators
  • The low depth LEJA version improves the ease of assembly and wire routing in rack-mount power distribution units


  • Rack-mount power distribution units used in data center environments
  • AC power supplies used in telecommunication environments
  • Wide variety of industrial applications requiring 240VAC per pole

Product Documentation

LEJ/LEJA Series Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker Data Sheet | PDF

Designed specifically for 35mm DIN rail, Airpax ICL series Rail-Mount Hydraulic Magnetic circuit breakers offer the advantage of quick and easy mounting or removal which results in efficient and economical wiring while conserving space.

These circuit breakers are available in 1, 2, 3 pole models with a choice of handle colour with on/off and international I/O markings.

These breakers are approved to CCC, CCRC, UL (pending) and IEC (pending) standards. Typical applications include railway signalling, computers, telecom/datacom equipment, telecommunications, medical & industrial equipment etc. They provide the reliable performance associated with hydraulic magnetic circuit protection.

These circuit breakers are designed to mount on standard 35mm DIN rails, such as 35x7.5 or 35x15 DIN EN50022.


  • Hydraulic-Magnetic technology
  • Up to 3 poles, 0.5 amps to 63 amps rated current at up to 415 VAC
  • CCC and CCRC approved
  • UL1077 recognized (supplementary breaker) (pending)
  • IEC approved (pending)
  • Up to 10,000AIC short circuit amperage rating
  • Available in various current and time delays
  • Precise trip characteristics
  • Trip indication with mid-trip position
  • Auxiliary and alarm switches are available

Product Documentation

ICL Series Rail-Mount Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker Data Sheet | PDF