Working from our dedicated Wrexham facility, we have designed and manufactured metallised plastic film capacitors for use in audio applications since 1974.

Over the years we have continually developed materials, processes and systems to ensure you can listen to the difference a ClarityCap makes.

Through partnerships with University research teams, high end audio manufacturers and end users we have been able to enhance and expand our product range to offer a comprehensive solution for all your audio capacitor requirements.

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Clarity Cap ICW

Why use ClarityCap?

  • ClarityCap capacitors have been developed in conjunction with industry manufacturers
  • There is a wide standard range offering a selection of capacitances and voltages
  • Custom-made components can be manufactured
  • Tape, resin and printing options are available
  • Worldwide product support
  • Already used by some of the world’s leading names in the loudspeaker industry

Product Documentation

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