Charcroft Electronics can offer a variety of bespoke and custom packages as per our customers’ requirements. Our unique facility enables us to offer Custom Passive Assemblies, flying leads options, custom labelling and printing, ‘any quantity’ taping and reeling, in addition to optional Precision Express® manufacturing for prototype and pre-production quantities.

If you have a low volume assembly issue, challenge Charcroft to see how we can assist you. You can read more about how we have offered custom solutions for our customers’ low volume assembly problems below.

If you have a custom assembly or special project that you need a solution for, challenge Charcroft to see how we can assist you. You can read more about some of the packages we can offer below, or to read about how we have solved customer problems, take a look at our case studies.

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Bridge Completion Module

Strain Gauge Instrumentation often has built in precision resistors to complete the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit. If this is not the case a bridge completion module (BCM) is preferred choice and can be used with 1/4 or 1/2 bridge strain gauges.

Sales: Roger Tall | Datasheet

Bridge Completion Module
Bridge Completion Module
  • Ultra precision BCM equals or out performs all other industry units
  • Ultra stable and ultra reliable
  • Uses Bulk Metal® Z-foil resistors for absolute tolerances of .01% and match tolerances of .005%
  • Absolute TCR to 1 ppm/°C and matched TCR to 0.5 ppm/°C
  • Weather proof and extremely rugged but light and portable
  • Impervious to stress/strain or shock/vibration and with RFI shielding. ESD safe to 25KV
  • Available in any complex resistor value (100R to 100K) to 6 digits with an MOQ of 1 pc.
  • Various versatile mounting options available - see below, please contact us for more options.

Matched Resistor Sets

Custom passive Assemblies

Circuit instability is a major concern for all strain gauges. Precision ¼ bridge and ½ bridge strain gauges require very accurately matched TCR and tolerance, bridge completion resistors to operate properly. Our matched resistor sets are the ideal solution for strain gauge bridge completion requirements.

Sales: Roger Tall | Datasheet
  • Absolute tolerances of 0.01% and matched tolerances of 0.005%
  • Absolute TCR ❮2ppm/C° and matched TCR <0.5ppm/C°
  • PCR ❮5ppm @ rated power
  • ESD safe to 25KV
  • Any value up to 6 digits with moq 1pc
  • Ultra-precise
  • Ultra-stable
  • Ultra-reliable

Shunt Calibration Modules

Custom passive Assemblies

All Strain Gauges and Load Cells require regular calibration which is commonly achieved by connecting the appropriate value of shunt calibration resistor in parallel with one of the bridge resistors. Our Shunt Calibration Module provides an easy, cost effective, very accurate way to do this.

Sales: Roger Tall | Datasheet
  • Simple to use with no maintenance
  • Inexpensive & Rugged
  • Does not require calibration before each use
  • Any value resistance to six digits and 0.005% tolerance is available with a moq of 1pc
  • Colour coded plugs for ease of identification in the field.
  • Ultra-precise
  • Ultra-stable
  • Ultra-reliable
Custom passive Assemblies

Challenging electrical, mechanical & environmental specifications can be achieved by a custom Charcroft passive assembly. Combining one of the widest passive line-cards with a range of in-house assembly processes, and some creative thinking, Charcroft can design and build a passive assembly to your exacting specifications.

Request Sample | Sales: Debbie Rowland
  • 5-15 day leadtime for prototypes
  • Custom footprints & lead-pitches
  • Protection against harsh conditions
  • Capacitor/resistor assemblies with optional flying leads
  • Matching to electrical, mechanical & environmental parameters

As the biggest VPG-Approved Precision Centre in Europe and one of only five Precision Centres worldwide, Charcroft manufactures and delivers 0.005%+ radial and 0.01%+ surface mount resistors based on VPG’s Bulk Metal® Foil resistor technology. We also manufacture BS/CECC and commercial multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) down to 1% tolerance.

We can offer Precision Express® Leadtime as an optional extra subject to availability, within the timescales stated below:

Sales: Amy Gillon

7 Days

  • 0.01% radial VPG Bulk Metal® Foil resistors
  • 1%+ radial non-release & BS Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • 5%+ radial CECC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Charcroft Audio Resistors

15 Days

  • 0.005% radial VPG Bulk Metal® Foil resistors
  • 0.01% Z Foil VPG Bulk Metal® Foil resistors
Charcroft Flying Lead Service

Flying leads can be supplied as an option on cable-to-board and cable-to-panel connectors to eliminate tooling, labour costs, and wire wastage. This option is available on signal, power and RF connectors for test and measurement, mil-aero, industrial and other applications. Leads are 24 AWG insulated with black PTFE to BS3G210 Type A, and optional heat-shrink sleeving at the crimp termination. For RF applications, lead options include RG, semi-rigid.

Flying leads can be added as an option to the following connector series:

RF Cable Assemblies: Cinch Connectivity Solutions, including Vitelec & Johnson Components

  • Ranges include Vitelec & Johnson Components
  • Applications from DC to 40GHz
  • Wide range of commercial and high-performance connector styles

  • Includes ultra-miniature connectors with quality snap-on connection
  • Cable options from RG & semi-rigid to ultra-low-loss flexible

RF cable assemblies: Emerson Connectivity Solutions, including Vitelec & Johnson Components

All the products shown on this page are available on "Any-Quantity" tape and reels or bandoliers with no minimum order quantity. Precision Express® surface mount resistors can be supplied on 7" reels complete with leader and feeder tapes and radial resistors and multilayer capacitors can be supplied on paper bandoliers on any reel size up to 12".

Tape and Reel Diagram

Surface Mount Chip Resistors & Voltage Dividers (Tape & Reel)

Precision Resistors Reel Size Description
VSM series 178mm / 7" Surface mount resistors
VSMP series 178mm / 7" Z Foil surface mount resistors
SMR_D series 178mm / 7" Molded surface mount resistors

Tape and reel packing of surface mounting chip passives for automatic placement are in accordance with IEC60286-3

Radial Resistors, Voltage Dividers & Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Bandoliers)

Product Code Lead Style
VK20/CK05 Formed 5.08 crs
VK30/CK06 Straight 5.08 crs
VK21 Straight 2.54 crs
S102C & K Straight 3.81 crs
S102J & L Straight 5.08 crs
RS92NA Straight 3.81 crs
RS92N Straight 5.08 crs
AN Straight 5.08 crs
4812 CX Straight 3.81 crs
E102J Straight 5.08 crs
300144 Straight 2.54² crs
Z201 Straight 3.81 crs
Z201L Straight 5.08 crs

Moulded Diagram

Peel Force

The peel force of the top sealing tape is between 0.2 and 1.0 Newton at 180°. The breaking force of the carrier and sealing tape in the direction of unreeling is greater than 10 Newtons.

Dimensions Diagram

Molded radial leaded types with 2.54, 3.81 and 5.08mm lead spacing can be supplied bandoliered on reels up to 12"


Calibrate all your RTD inputs.

The new Foil RTD Simulators can simulate RTD’s in all types of instruments, such as transmitters, controllers and data acquisition, process control, lab equipment etc. Connect an RTD Simulator and instantly read the temperature printed on each simulator.

Better than a decade box - faster, easier and much less expensive.

Each RTD Simulator is a complete compact simulator for check-out and calibration of all RTD instruments in the field, shop or control room. The long term stability conditions of the RTD Simulator are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity.

Each RTD Simulator based on the Vishay Bulk Metal® Foil technology comes with built-in climate control (CC) feature.


  • Any simulation temperature within the range –200°C to +850°C is available.
  • Accurate to ±0.01°C.
  • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of ±1ppm/°C over temperature range of –55°C to +125°C, 25°C ref.
  • Resistance tolerance: to ±0.005% (50ppm).
  • Resistance range: 10Ω to 5KΩ (for higher or lower values, please contact us).
  • Other types of RTD connectors available, please let us know your requirements.
  • Also multiple pre-determined temperature references available in one handy device as below.
  • Un-mounted units also available.

RTD Simulator Datasheet

Product Specialist: Roger Tall |  Sales: Lisa O'Neil-Smith