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Charcroft Electronics ~ Case Studies

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Temperature Stability and Repeatability of High-Precision Trimming Resistors

Bulk Metal®? Foil high-precision trimmer resistors from Vishay Foil Resistors are evaluated with a millimeter wave variable attenuator. The resistors are used to precisely set the control voltage of the attenuator. The test is carried out at different temperatures between -25°C and +75°C. The results show the excellent temperature stability, tuning precision, and settling property of the trimmer resistors.

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Powertron High Value Precision Resistors - Powertron GST 4020

High ValuePrecision Resistors for Multimeter and Insulation Test Equipment Calibration Verification Up to 4000V
Using high value, precision thick film resistance elements, I have succeeded to make a calibration standard level verification box for evaluation of latest produced insulation testers.

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Vishay Foil Resistors have a new case study from Poly-Grames Research Center

The latest addition explores how 1 kW 1240 Bulk Metal Foil® trimming resistors delivered excellent precision, temperature stability, and tuning repeatability when setting the control voltage of a variable attenuator at different temperatures between -25°C and +75°C.

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Vishay Foil Resistors have published a new case study from California State University, East Bay

The latest case study explores how the physics department at the university required a current sensing resistor for a low-cost, low-noise current driver for use with diode lasers, and how VPG's VHP Bulk Metal® Foil power resistor was chosen based on its tight tolerance, high power rating to 10W, low thermal EMF, and resistance to internal and external temperature drifts.

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Charcroft Electronics CAR resistors used in Switched (Stepped) Attenuator Passive Volume Control

Case Study: Recently, Nick Lucas, Managing Director at Hi-Fi Collective in the UK was asked by his Australian customer Glasshouse to design and build a high performance ladder stepped attenuator for a Hi-Fi volume control. The first decision was which resistors to use? With his many years of experience with Vishay Foil Resistors and their excellent low noise, wide dynamic range and low temperature coefficient, Nick chose to use CAR resistors from Charcroft Electronics.

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